BlueCom’s patent pending technology allows for Enterprise-Class Secure Communication between any two Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices using iBeacon technology. BlueCom’s platform enables secure communications over this unsecured channel by using advanced tokenization technology. All data is converted to pseudo-random tokens, making any attempts at tapping or spoofing irrelevant.

Beyond our patent pending tokenization technology, BlueCom’s platform includes 17 different tools and layers of security to deal with all existing types of information tampering.


Tokens collected are meaningless to 3rd party attackers

Tokens created by illegal entities are blocked at the source

Fake tokens are rejected with no reply

The system rejects attempts to copy & reuse valid tokens

The system blocks both local and remote man-in-the-middle attacks


Bluetooth technology was designed for short range communications with little to no security in mind and was not originally intended for secure enterprise solutions. There are dozens of free apps that allow any mobile phone to hack into your Bluetooth connection and manipulate your organization, your users or both.


Monitor, Prevent, protect

BlueCom’s platform includes a full SIEM system which allows preventive monitoring of any attacks and suspicious activity.

The system combines analysis of both single sensor activity as well as overall network activity and attack patterns.

BlueCom’s SIEM allows blacklisting of device MAC addresses as well as creating specific scripts to deal with different attack vectors.

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Define & Activate Security Rules

BlueCom’s platform allows banks and enterprise’s to define their own security requirements creating advanced rules for activation of various services. Our platform supports any combination of the following variable states, in any combination:

Phone state

dark screen (phone in pocket) / active

Lock state

phone locked / unlocked

App state

app open / background / closed


login required / not required


proactive (user presses button) / reactive (no action required)


define activation distance – touch (zero meters) to 20 meter distance

Combining Biometrics & Creating Hybrid Scenarios

BlueCom’s platform allows banks and other enterprise’s define to leverage biometrics and other forms of authentication to verify the legitimate user is in possession of the phone including:

Requiring PIN / Password

Using phone’s built in Fingerprint / Iris / Face unlock

Sending biometrics to cloud based 3rd party biometrics service

BlueCom platform support advanced hybrid scripts for instance:
Requiring different authentication from different groups

Prompting biometric identification at a distance

Enhancing requirements based on value of operation etc.

See how BlueCom can boost your
banking app capablities